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Where does your creativity lead -- and how do people find you?

Our world today is a mess of opportunity -- and sometimes it just seems like a mess. One thing I've found that helps make sense of it all is knowing my community, its resources, and its needs.

BABS Directories are designed to weave the local community closer together and give everyone involved a vehicle for connection.

Reclamation Arts is about reclaiming that sense of connection - and we do it in so many creative ways. From the art known as "creative reuse," to Do-It-Yourself, makers, crafters, hackers (the good kind!), thrifters, and the wonderful retail merchants who give us a place to exchange our creations, we are full of resources. So many more are involved, and all in our amazing local area. Are you a performer? Love the circus arts? How about attending house concerts? Maybe you are a tailor or a seamstress, crafting costumes for a local theater. Or you might be a collector, an antique store owner, or an intrepid miner of the landfill. More resources, and more to share!

Reclaiming resources:

reusing, recycling, reinventing and redesigning.

These are all reclamation arts.


If you are a web specialist, your services are very much needed by the arts community. We have a thousand points on every learning curve, waiting for your skills to push us along. Consider yourself a crucial part of our success. We do!

We thrive through connection and collaboration, and our small businesses succeed with local visibility. You can be seen by much more of your community through a collaboration such as this directory.

That's what BABS does: It connects local people.

We are looking for you! Join us.

Suzanna Stinnett


Local is the new global


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